The System Denim Jacket With The Black Tank Dress

Nikki calls this denim jacket “the spice of this collection”. It’s essential that everyone has a denim jacket in their wardrobe and we are always looking for the perfect denim jacket to buy. This denim jacket in the “Nikki Lund 10 Essential Pieces” collection is the one to get your hands and will represent a huge statement piece in your wardrobe.

What makes this detailed jacket unique is that its a piece that you can make your own! You can make it elegant, sophisticated, grudge, sexy and layer it with anything in your closet. You have control to create any look you want with this military style jacket!



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Everyone has their own little black dress they love but this black tank dress designed by Nikki is to die for! The system tank dress has a v-neck that makes this look sexy and also has double layering to give you that clean, fitted look. This dress gives buyers the ability to dress it down for a casual fit or dress it up for night out.

Not only is this dress perfect alone but it also can be layered with other pieces in the collection especially the denim jacket! With the statement made by the denim jacket and the sexiness that comes with the black dress this creates¬†the perfect “Nikki Lund 10 Essentials” outfit.

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