Custom Fashion Work

Your wardrobe is a window into who you are, how you want to be perceived and how you want to present yourself to your friends, colleagues and business partners.  If you have a special occasion you just can’t find the right outfit for or simply want to stand out from the crowd, a custom Nikki Lund creation is something to consider.  

Nikki Lund custom outfits can be made for men, women or children. From celebrities and musicians or brides to be, Nikki Lund creations will help you stand out from the crowd and show you in the most flattering light possible.  Have a special need for custom stage and screen costumes, let Nikki Lund designs take your next production to a higher level.

Nikki’s new, unique and timeless styles have been worn by A-List celebrities for years and only now she is making herself available to those with discriminating tastes and discerning fashion palettes.  

Are you one of them? If so, we encourage you to reach out for a conversation and quote.

Process of Custom Made Clothing

Custom-made clothing is, as the name suggests, made according to your own unique measurements, so you can be assured that the finished product will fit you like a glove. All outfits are made to order — yours will be the only one of its kind! Nikki Lund, will have a consultation with you before sketching the design to make your dreams come true. Unlike custom made shops, Nikki creates new patterns based on your particular measurements. This makes your outfits truly one-of-a-kind designed just for you. Nikki Lund custom designs starts the process from the very beginning, finding high-quality fabric from our own sources to provide you with optimum comfort.

All outfits are created and sewn here in Los Angeles with great attention to detail and care. Having a custom ensembles created with couture techniques and quality fabric, not to mention handmade finishing for your garments, will make you look unique and create a one of a kind expression of who you are.

The estimate for custom work is based on cost of materials and how many hours of labor to put in.  It can vary widely depending on fabric selection, style, and details. An estimate of the full cost will be provided up front and should be agreed upon before any work begins. Our lead time for custom made clothing such as special occasion dresses is 6 months, whereas it is 8 months lead time for Nikki Lund wedding gowns or redesigning vintage bridal gowns.

In our custom work discussions, we encourage you to bring your ideas such as pictures and drawings. A deposit to cover supplies such as fabrics will be required.

2-4 fittings are required before the garment is completed depending on the complexity of the design.

Final payment is due at delivery. Even if you are not local and cannot see us physically, we can do all of the above processes long distance.

For more questions and concerns or placing your order, please contact my design studio via our contact form to give us a full detail. Please make sure that you fill out “Budget” for any custom inquiry, which gives us the best option to determine what types of fabrics we can use to fit into your budget.

If you live within 20 miles of Los Angeles, California area fittings can take place at your home or workplace. A travel charge applies to this service.

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