The Countdown Begins, “10 Essential Items” Collection

Nikki Lund’s 2017 Collection 

Celebrity stylist, Nikki Lund, has something amazing coming our way. In just seven days Nikki will unveil her new clothing line collection, “Nikki Lund 10 Essential Items”.

Time and time again Nikki has impressed us with her unique custom made pieces for celebrities, previous fashion lines and memorable runway shows. We’re more excited than ever before to show you what’s to come with this new collection.

This fashion line is described by Nikki as innovative, clean and chic which allows each buyer to have a fresh, artistic look. Nikki’s goal was to create a versatile fashion collection where you can go from day to night and from casual to dressy. She found a way to condense a closet worth of outfits into to 10 simple pieces of clothing that can be worn countless different ways.

Once we get our hands on these pieces we will have an understanding of a simpler and more satisfying way of dressing while still looking fashionable.

The pieces in this collection will range from $70-$225! Nikki has dedicated so much time to make this perfectly for us. Perfectly for us as in perfectly for everyone, this collection doesn’t limit itself to one specific age group or style, it’s so versatile that this collection works anyone.

Each day leading up to the launch of Nikki’s clothing line we will be releasing more details and sneak peaks on what’s to come so get excited!!


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