BABY GAGA!!! It’s been non stop these past two months, but I want to catch you up to speed…Early Dec I had a fab baby shower with all my beautiful friends and family! It was hosted by my sister, Ashley, my mom, Laurie and two of my dearest friends, Andrea Keith and Michelle Schwartz. I had a build your own salad bar! Yum! The most beautiful flower arrangement’s made by Something Bloom and a delicious cake from Helena Wirth Cakes thanks to my awesome PR, Kelly Roseren! Graffiti wine made up the refreshing sangria everyone enjoyed! And the gift bags topped the party off perfectly filled with products like Monster Beauty, Angie Everhart Lip Gloss and Chrome Nail Polish. I felt it was a total hit! My mom made me the most unique gift, a diaper cake filled with all kinds of baby supplies, toys and clothes to kick start my collection of all the baby necessities I can dream to need when he finally arrives. I want to thank everyone who made this such a special day! Jeff and I were thrilled and all these press clippings and photos included in this post will be framed and cherished by us and our son for life. So much love! xo Nik

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