The System Long Sleeve Paired With The System Blazer

Nikki created a one of kind white button up shirt! Of course, its versatile and can be layered with anything like the system v-neck dress. It’s unique design is what makes this shirt admirable. It has pockets, a wide body and has a unique design on the back.

It goes beautifully with denim and gives you a chic but casual look. This piece is what controls the outfit you’re trying to create with this shirt you can throw any kind of outfit you’re feeling together.

“Modern women are busier than ever. We need to be able to change on the go. This blazer is a classic essential whether you are at work or out for a night on the town”, Nikki says.

Nikki’s idea with this jacket was to literally go from work to a night out and still fit right in! No more having to rush home to change.

This blazer gives that sexy yet sophisticated feel you’re always looking for! Dress it with the system long sleeve blouse and create the perfect outfit.

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