May 21, 2017
Nikki created a one of kind white button up shirt! Of course, its versatile and can be layered with anything like the system v-neck dress. It’s unique design is what makes this shirt admirable. It has pockets, a wide body and has a unique design on the back. It goes beautifully with denim and gives you […]
May 17, 2017
Nikki calls this denim jacket “the spice of this collection”. It’s essential that everyone has a denim jacket in their wardrobe and we are always looking for the perfect denim jacket to buy. This denim jacket in the “Nikki Lund 10 Essential Pieces” collection is the one to get your hands and will represent a […]
May 15, 2017
Nikki Lund’s 2017 Collection  Celebrity stylist, Nikki Lund, has something amazing coming our way. In just seven days Nikki will unveil her new clothing line collection, “Nikki Lund 10 Essential Items”. Time and time again Nikki has impressed us with her unique custom made pieces for celebrities, previous fashion lines and memorable runway shows. We’re more excited […]