A System Way Of Dressing

This Nikki Lund collection really allows you to be your own personal stylist. How amazing is it that you can take one piece of clothing and create more than one look with it! The system sweater allows for just that.

Nikki describes this sweater as easy, functional and versatile. You can wear it forward for a more relaxed, comfortable feel and when you want to spice things up you can turn it around and wear it backwards. You can also layer this piece with other pieces in this collection to get the specific look you desire!

This system crew neck tee is one of Nikki’s favorites! If you get your hands on this tee it will be your go to tee, something that you couldn’t see yourself being without! It works with just about anything. Wear it for a casual day out or dress it up by throwing something over it like the system blazer.

This lightweight and comfortable tee has a tie at the bottom that gives it a sophisticated look . This beautiful detail separates it from every other tee there is out there. This tee can even be worn under the system sweater!

These system skinny denim jeans are to die for!! When I say these are perfect, I really mean PERFECT! Nikki created these jeans so that any women any size can wear these anywhere. It has a vintage feel with a rip in the knee and an elastic waist band with a draw string.

We all have a favorite pair of jeans and I know these will become those favorite jeans in your closet.

These pieces are what makes this collection ESSENTIAL to have in our closets!!


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